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TekkieTeks provides premium products and comprehensive IT solutions

More About Us

TekkieTeks will continue provide premium products and specialized in offering the best IT solutions to make it easy and beneficial for our customers to succeed with their chosen books, businesses, and/or inventions. We offer both onsite and remote IT solutions. We have been offering solutions since 1998 when we opened our first office in Brentwood, California.

Each customer is special and important for our continuous success and it's critical for us to keep a customer happy because it takes a lot more effort and money to keep trying to get new customers than to keep our current customers satisfied. TekkieTeks can guarantee to be an instrumental source in helping you reach your goals for any of your books, businesses and/or inventions. TekkieTeks has high standards, integrity, ease of convenience and selling effective products and solutions since 1998.

We at TekkieTeks are here to bring you TODAY’S high tech solutions with YESTERDAY’S work ethics and principals! We have the business drive to provide Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors the best IT products and solutions. Please in touch with us by visiting our website every so often and seeing our post through the various social media sites. We at TekkieTeks will continue to:

Our Vision

To make technology easy for Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors to succeed with their books, businesses, and/or inventions.


Our Mission

TekkieTeks mission is to offer Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors the best current technological solutions to make it easy for them to deliver their products and services to their customers. We are aiming to create important technological competitive advantages to our customers with prompt, on-time, honest, proactive, professional consultation, and information for them to make a profit with their book, business, and/or invention.



Our Hours

Monday to Saturday

8:30am to 4:00pm


Normal Business Hours

4:00pm to 7:00pm

After business hours by appointment or remote service only

7:00pm to 7:00am

Emergency Hours – Time Fees apply

TekkieTeks is close on Sundays and Holidays



Service Areas




Alameda and Contra Costa

Hamilton and Marion


Core Values

Regardless of how or where we work, we are out there working in our community and every minute we represent the responsibility as role models to the people we associate and work with. At TekkieTeks we will demonstrate a positive professional attitude and incorporate the following qualities:


In every business activity we have in our company, we open the activity with a prayer. We pray for guidance, purpose, and wisdom for each person present in our activity.


Delivering quality in our attitudes, presentations, appearances, products, services, ourselves, our donated efforts and every other area of TekkieTeks is important to our success.


We accept full responsibility for any activity going on with TekkieTeks. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.


We treat our Authors, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, partners and suppliers with mutual respect, sensitivity and understanding.


We endeavor to deliver service of exceptional quality to our customers, custom-tailored to their unique needs in everything we do.


To celebrate success, recognizing each other’s accomplishment and rewarding the achievements of our employees and our customers, as well.


Is important and sometimes is all we have. Because success in our business and our employees livelihoods are linked to the company's INTEGRITY and we take this very seriously.


We value TIME and we value the time of others. Being on time in our meetings, services, delivery of our products, services and operations is very critical in business and for our customers.


Everyone in TekkieTeks is encouraged to openly share their opinions and views. We challenge each other’s ideas openly, communicate and trust each other with a great deal of information and we expect everyone to honor our confidentiality. Being open through communication and honesty makes for better relationships.


Over the years, quick, efficient and efficient solutions has been our unique selling proposition. To try and identify potential problems early and fix them fast. Involve our customers early in the development process to find quick and effective solutions.


TekkieTeks will have a an internal culture where we are always having fun and just throwing ideas out at each other any location within TekkieTeks. TekkieTeks value 100% being funny and having fun at the same time. We want to be able to laugh at ourselves and the creative and goofy ideas that are shared with each other in a respectful way.


TekkieTeks is a company that has to keep growing and changing. Change is going to happen whether we like it or not but we have to embrace it. We want everyone at TekkieTeks to be willing to accept changes and be prepared to deal with constant change. Will go beyond our comfort zones and the status quo because staying static causes boredom which leads to employees leaving and going somewhere else where there is change and fun things going on.


We must be passionate about our brand, services, products, about serving our customers, and mostly importantly about winning. We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to serving, selling and delivering high quality products and services.


We at TekkieTeks will promote idea exchanges and free flow knowledge throughout our company. TekkieTeks promotes free thinking and brainstorming in ways to dream and visualize new ideas to stay current and competitive in all areas of our business.


The founding reason why Lorenzo started TekkieTeks was to find the time and freedom to spend the time with his family. Our family’s schedule will always prevail over our business’ schedule. A happy family environment creates a happy family business environment. We will make sure all employees work around their family schedules to spend quality time with their family and allow employees to take time off beyond their vacation time to attend family or school events that are milestones for their kids.


TekkieTeks is committed to finding innovated ways to provide IT solutions to our customers. We will constantly question conventional thinking and always have a “CAN DO” attitude in solving our tech problems and ideas. Keep challenging ourselves every day. Keep achieving new goals after we have completed the previous one. We value IDEAS throughout TekkieTeks. We are creative and innovative in delivering value to our Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors.


Whether if it's with our employees, customers or even other businesses, we look for opportunities to give back one way or the other. We service the community that services us. It serves as a check to our motives and true desire to be a servant. We need to help enough people get what they want to achieve what we want as a company. Our model is that we can never obtain riches until we begin to enrich the lives of others. TekkieTeks as a company is to be an intellectual and social asset to the community. Contribute 10% of pretax profits to charity and our own educational academy.

contact us

Please feel to Contact Us to share your experience with us or just call us for any IT solutions and questions.


TekkieTeks continues to offer the best quality support IT solutions and strive to work hard in delivering and upholding high standards of workmanship to insure that our customers are “Always Working” and “Preventing any IT disasters.


New IT Purchases: Hardware and/or Software:

We make it easy to evaluate, recommend, spec and purchase the best IT equipment tailored to your specifications, benefits, and budget on the following type of equipment:

Data Backups and check ups

Setting up your automatic backup right the first time and we provide routine checkups to ensure that the backups are working properly.


PC or MAC computers(desktops or laptops)

In additional to Dell products we also can various other manufactures desktop and laptops. Please call to consult to meet your custom needs.


Printers (color or black and white)

Like, computers, please call to discuss the various types of Laserjet (Black and white) or color inkjet printers that meet your desired personal or business needs.



Don’t let the Smartphone pick you smartphone for you. Please call us first to discuss the various types of Smartphones that can work best for your personal or business needs.



Like Smartphone. Please call us first to discuss the various types of Tablets that can work best for your personal or business needs. Not all tablets are created equal and some customers have confused a tablet for a laptop.


Copiers (small to large sizes)

Like, printers, please call to discuss the various types of small business side type of copiers that work best for your application. Don’t get locked into a contract with the wrong copier.


Wireless router

Please call us to discuss the various types of wireless or wired routers that offer the best range, security and internet connection that meet and exceed your personal and business needs.


Quality Consumable products) for your printers

We offered a better quality and more page per cartilage than the genuine cartilage offered by the manufactures. We have tested and used this cartilages on our devices for over 5 years with no problems, as assumed.


Cloud Based Telecommunications (VoIP) phones

We offered a great cloud based telecommunication equipment that can replace your old telephone system for both personal and business needs. VoIP offers more options for the fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. Call us for more detail information.



Since the start of TekkieTeks, we have used, sold and trained business owners on using QuickBooks. Call us to determine the best bookkeeping system that works best for your type of business.


Anti-Virus and Malware Products

Since 1998, we have seen and worked with the various anti-virus programs. Both TekkieTeks and the majoring of my customers have like and continue to use AVG. Please call us to offer you 20% off the retail price.



Our On-Site or REMOTE support Services

All of our support solutions services can be conducted ON-SITE (in person) or REMOTELY. TekkieTeks initially was ran solely as an ON-SITE type of business. With today’s security, internet speed and technology, REMOTELY connecting to your computer systems through our secure remote connecting program (we install only one time) on your computer has allowed us to efficiently resolve any technical issues quickly.

The benefit of the ON-SITE support option is:

  • We can meet in person and interact.
  • Get to the us better and socialize on a technical level.

The benefit of the remote support option is:

  • That it allows us to connect to your computer instantly for future computer problems.
  • We can log into your computer in seconds from the time you call us.
  • We can fix the problem while you are away from your computer and/or office or sleeping.
  • We can fix multiple computers at one time, saving you time and money.
  • Allow for ease of schedule maintenance to prevent any future issues or user errors.

You call, we log in and we fix it, and we get paid, it’s that simple.

Data Backups and check ups

Setting up your automatic backup right the first time and we provide routine checkups to ensure that the backups are working properly.


Data Recovery

We will recover your loss or damaged data from any type of internal, external, USB, or Flash drive for either Windows or MAC systems.


Migration from PC to MAC

Help you decide, recommend, setup, migrate from your PC to MAC. After setup we help you understand and train on new MAC.


eMail Support

Local or Cloud based email solutions that work. We setup, configure and secure all your business or personal eMail into one program.


Assessments, Advice & Evaluations

Assessing, recommend or evaluating your business infrastructure to confirm all technology components on secure and working.


Virus-Spyware-Malware Removal

Remove, clean up and prevent virus/spyware/malware infections by making sure your computer secure and protected properly.


Wired and Wireless Configuration

Recommend, configure and setup your wired or wireless devices with the proper security measurements on your network.


Cloud Computing and Migration

Help convert with ease and training of your existing local infrastructure setup into a cloud based solution that works per your customization.


PC or MAC Tune and speed UPS

Clean up, defrag, updates, speed up, optimize, and apply our 10 step verification to ensure all hardware and software is working efficiently.


QuickBooks Support and Training

Consult on various recommendations, answer any pre-sale questions, purchase, setup, implement and train you on the QuickBooks program correctly.


Microsoft Office Training

We offer custom one-on-one or group training classes on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) that work based on your custom personal or business needs. We tailor our training classes to serve your personal or business purpose not ours.


General Technology Training

TekkieTeks offers general hardware and software training in any area of technology that you don’t understand that related to personal or business. It’s our goal to make technology easy, friendly and learnable with ease of implementation and understanding.


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance solutions to make sure all your devices and computers, printers, backups are operating properly.


Recycle Your Devices and Equipment

Everything has to come to an end, so at TekkieTeks we offer computer, printer and cartridge recycling services by picking up your old and obsolete printer, cartridges, and computers (desktops or laptops) for the proper removal of your hard drive and properly deleting all your data files off the hard drive before recycling your computers. Once your hard drive has been removed and your data has been wiped clean, we recycle your computer and printer to the proper places.




Opt-In Page and Web Design/Development

Please call us first before consulting or hiring a web-designer/master.  We will provide the various affordable recommendations, answer any pre-sale questions or train you on designing your own Opt-In page or website. As you know, promoting your book, business or invention is important to have a web presence in the early stages.  We register your domain name for your book, business, or invention.  We help you design and develop your website. We are here to make it easy for our customers to maintain and change their website.






After you are satisfied with the 3D CAD drawing, we then print your invention into a physical and actual prototype of your invention. This allows for you to touch, feel, verify, and test the invention and provide you with ease of making changes before submitting to the manufactures. We can print them using various types of plastic, and foam.



Patent Searching

Providing a professionally initial patent search to determine if any prior art exist for your invention. We a basic level of research and/or in-depth level of research. Our patent search can save you money and time on patent attorney, invention support-company, and invention marketing companies.




Invention Pre-Evaluation

With our inventing team, we provide pre-evaluation of invention to determine if it has market potential or if the invention is a winner to be commercialized.


3D CAD Design/Engineering

Design and engineer 3D versions of your invention using our 3D CAD program. This allows for actual testing and usage; which allows for less upfront expenses. Allow for you to test the invention before heading to manufactures. Our 3D services allows us to model and assemble your invention for easy updating and making changes.



Sell Sheet Design

From your 3D CAD design we easily can create and design a professionally designed sell sheet of the description of your invention to present to potential manufactures.

Reverse Engineering

We our inventing trusted team. We design and brainstorm as many variations of your invention to you before submitting the patent. Reverse Engineering allows you to protect yourself from someone stealing or copying your idea. Allowing us to reverse engineer your invention protections from someone else.


Provisional Patent App

We provide the assistant in filling out the Provisional Patent Application before you file it with USPTO.



Training, Seminars and Workshops


Regardless of if you have a new computer or need help learning on an existing computer. TekkieTeks is here to help understand the ins and outs of making technology easy and beneficial to your specific needs.

With so much online information and the various training programs, we at TekkieTeks are geared to only offer training and educational programs tailored to the specific needs especially the needs of Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors. This training allows us to efficiently use the time to train on the core requirements and needs. We at TekkieTeks offer the following type of training styles:

  • One-on-One Training (O2O)
    • We offer customized one-on-one training sessions to help our customers master their understanding of their computer systems in order for them to efficiently focus on their personal or business endeavors.
  • Groups Training (GT)
    • More cost effective we teach in a group setting vs the O2O option.
    • We also offer customized group training and educational solutions for company to help their employees and themselves become more proficient and productive to resolving their customers’ needs and or focus on furthering their book, business and/or invention projects.
  • Free Self-Promoting Training (FSPT)
    • We offer and welcome anyone, especially Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors to use our Free Self-Trained training videos at a more affordable option than the O2O or GT options.
    • We first recommend trying and using our DIY video solutions for a fraction of the cost of using our general IT solutions. If the DIY didn’t work for you, we will issue you a credit towards the actual labor charges. For example, if you purchased the “Installing Office 2010 or 2013” for $29.99 and had problems installing it and then you can hire TekkieTeks for installing Office for $85; we will deduct the $29.99 from the $85.




  • Windows OS Training
  • Windows Explorer

General Computing

  • Computer Health Externally and Internally
  • Cleaning and maintaining your computer externally

QuickBooks Training

  • Training on how to efficiently use QuickBooks to manage your income and expenses.

Microsoft Office

  • Productivity Software Training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

How To on “Writing a book”

  • On writing and developing your new Book

Inventing Process

  • Study the Market Place and do basic Market Research
  • Recording the Idea with an Inventor Notebook
  • Confidentiality and Mutual NDA or NDA
  • Patentability, number of novel features
  • Bringing the invention to life with a Prototype
  • Complete the Business Canvas
  • Protecting your invention with a PPA
  • Creating your Sell Sheet and One Line Benefit Statement
  • Marketing Due Diligence
  • Identify Your MFG Contacts
  • Licensing your Product

Custom Document Development

  • Create documents in the various areas of your business

Before you start your own Business

  • Deciding to start your own Business
  • Some things to consider and prepare you
  • Self-employed with kids
  • Good Credit Score and Protection
  • Stay away from Multi-Level Marketing business
  • Cut Down and/or Eliminate Your Expenses
  • Books to help you with The Journey
  • Get your Cell Phone number for your business
  • The right mailing address for your business
  • Strong Password Management and Security
  • Create a PERSONAL Gmail account
  • Alarm System for your business

Purchases needed for your Business

  • Buying a new Wireless Router
  • Getting the right Internet Service Provider
  • Desktop versus Laptop
  • Technical Details for a Desktop and Laptop
  • Chromebook, Borrow or Buy a used computer
  • Updating and Protecting your new or used PC
  • Buying an All in One or standard Laser Printer
  • Optional Business Equipment
  • Learning Windows Explorer - VIDEO
  • Buying an External Hard Drive
  • Backing up Your Data
  • Installing your Internet Browsers - VIDEO
  • Productivity Software - Paid or Free Version
  • Setup your personal Gmail in Outlook - VIDEO
  • Buying QuickBooks from Intuit
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional
  • Business Vehicle to conduct your business

Time to Start your Business

  • Rule One before you start. Paying yourself First
  • What Type Business Do I start
  • Do I Take over an existing business? No!!!
  • Working from home
  • Work on getting your business name
  • Check business and domain name online
  • Check if your name is not taken in your county
  • Registering your business and personal domains
  • Filling your Fictitious Business Name (FBN)
  • Publish business name in the newspaper
  • Create a BUSINESS Gmail account
  • Setup your BUSINESS Gmail in Outlook
  • Get your LAN line phone business number
  • Now let’s pick the right phone service
  • Getting a PO Box for your business

Paperwork required for your business

  • Get started on working on your company logo
  • Picking the right business structure
  • Get Your Federal ID Number
  • 1st to Final Rounds in fine-turning your logo
  • Trademark your company logo
  • All About You
  • Know your Personality & Social Behavior Type
  • Dressing Up Professional
  • Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Terms of Service and Work Order Agreement
  • Service Contract

Preparing your Business Plan

  • Getting your Business Plan started and Why
  • Part A – Preparation Business Plan (PBP)
  • Front Cover Sheet for Your Business Plan
  • Company Description
  • Principal Members and their Responsibilities
  • Company Structure
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Core Values – What you stand for!!
  • Slogan or Taglines for Your Business
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Support and Advisory Team
  • Picking your Operating Discipline
  • Market Research - Introduction
  • Targeted Customer Groups (TCG)
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Grading Levels
  • Industry Analysis
  • Trade Area
  • Competition and Competitive Advantage
  • Forces that affect your business
  • Regulations the apply for your company
  • Describing your Products and Services
  • Pricing Your Products and Services
  • Business Processes
  • Business Operations

Your business website

  • What is a Hosting Company?
  • Designing your Company's website
  • Designing your Website – Professional Help
  • Creating your private business email
  • Setting up Microsoft Exchange or iCloud
  • Online Store and eCommerce Site
  • Inventory and Inventory Control

Your business Financials

  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • Setting up your business bank account
  • Income Statement, Gross Profit, and Cash
  • Getting your business credit card
  • Merchant Account and Accepting Credit Cards
  • Establish a Line of Credit
  • Financing Your Business: Money or No Money
  • Business Licenses, Permits and Certifications

Promoting your business

  • Get your own QR Codes
  • Get your Business Cards done
  • Marketing vs Advertising your Business
  • Promoting Your Business Effectively
  • Getting Your Vinyl Banners
  • Promotional Items
  • Join a Networking Group
  • eMailing your customers
  • Organized Referral Program
  • Before Getting an Office or Retail space
  • Getting that Office or Retail Space
  • Furniture for your Office or Retail Space

Bookkeeping Requirements

  • Going Paperless
  • Keeping Good Accounting Records
  • Accounts Payable and Receivables
  • Estimating your Products and Services
  • Invoicing Your Customers
  • Method of Payments from Customers
  • Late Fees and Bounced Checks
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Collecting Overdue Invoices
  • Bad Customers
  • Small Claims and Collecting Your Money

Hiring Help for your business

  • Before you Hire Employees
  • Hiring Your Children
  • Hiring Family or Friends for Your Business
  • Independent Contractor
  • Online Help
  • Temporary Help or Employees
  • Hiring Teenagers
  • Full and/or Part Time Employees
  • How Much to Pay for Help
  • Hiring a Bookkeeper and/or CPA
  • Hooking up with Strategic Partnerships

Very important stuff during your business

  • Business Deductions you can write-off
  • Taxes
  • Tax Forms needed for your business
  • Selecting the Right Insurance Types
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Business Burnout
  • E Wasting Your Equipment
  • Retirement and Saving Money
  • Vacation for yourself and your family


Published Media


TekkieTeks Books and eBooks

TekkieTeks CDs, Audios, and Podcasting

TekkieTeks Videos

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We take pride in trying our best to satisfy every customer. We can say that since 1998 we have had four unhappy customers that were completely out of our control and impossible to resolve the issues. Listed below are a few customer who have nicely volunteer to give us their testimonial.

customer center

Our customer center is the easiest way to understand how we work through our reviews, pricing options, paying your invoice(s), and privately evaluate our performance through our survey; understanding our guarantee and Terms of Service.

Our Reviews

We take pride in trying our best to satisfy every customer. We can say that since 1998 we have had four unhappy customers that were completely out of our control and impossible to resolve the issues. Listed below are a few customer who have nicely volunteer to give us their testimonial.

Al & Carol Ruiz

We have worked with Lorenzo Zesati for 17 years and have found him to be very professional, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable in his field of business. Ruiz Marketing and Yosemite Top of the Pines are pleased with the results and his expertise in solving are technical problems.


Alberto Delgado

My experience with Lorenzo Zesati have been excellent. His technical knowhow and innovative approach with solid technical solutions are exemplary. His fast response to solve your business computer problems yields real savings to my business. I highly recommend Lorenzo Zesati to solve your computer problems. Good luck, Lorenzo


Theresa Trezza

Lorenzo continuously goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients.  He always makes us feel like we are his top priority and is always very patient and kind.  He is an absolute pleasure to work with and our entire team values his knowledge and expertise.  He is great at what he does, but more important he is a wonderful, trustworthy human being :)


Ann Lencioni

Happy to confirm that Lorenzo Zesati is very capable, always dependable, and have helped us out in many emergencies with our computers. Also, we've appreciated your patience with us over the years. Thanks!


Barbara Schneider

I have known Lorenzo for 15 years.  He always has been polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt.  He has helped me with my PC, iPad and iPhone.  He really knows his stuff.  Thank you Lorenzo for keeping "connected"!


Karin Tabke

What can I say about Lorenzo except that he has always been professional, courteous, and exceptional at his job. There is nothing he can't fix!


Carolyn Briggs

Lorenzo is very professional and knowledgeable.  He is always prompt at returning my calls, and solves my computer problems quickly. Although my computer is for personal use only, Lorenzo always responds promptly. I believe he values his clients and treats them the same regardless if they are professionals in business, or those for personal use only.


Joan Hough

I have known Lorenzo Zesati for about nine years as a computer techie.  Lorenzo has always been very professional and totally trustworthy in his visits to my home office and has been able to repair any problems with my computers.  Also, Lorenzo has helped me purchase two computers and transfer my files to the new ones.  When I have needed Lorenzo's help, he has been quick to respond.  I admire his dedication to always improving his skills and his interest in helping young people with their future endeavors.  Personally, I have enjoyed our conversations about his goals.


Richard and Marian Pontes

Lorenzo Zesati has been our go-to guy for several years he kept our real estate office computers in perfect running order, if we had a computer failure he always got us back up on line. He has an uncanny ability to diagnose hardware and software problems. He never let us down. More importantly you could always depend on him “he is the best”.


Jim Rosenbaum

I am writing to recommend Lorenzo Zesati to anyone who is interested in working with, working for, or using his expertise in computer skills and professional services. I have employed Lorenzo for many years and have found him to be not only professional in his business, but also a person of vision. Due to the person he is, I am also proud to say that he has become a friend. He is a dedicated man not only to his profession and his customers, but also to his family and friends. I highly recommend Mr. Zesati to anyone who is interested in working with him in any fashion. Please feel free to contact me for any further information or questions you may have.


Josh Storrer

Lorenzo is amazing to work with.  He is our company's go to technology expert.  Lorenzo consults, researches and implements all of the technology solutions our business needs.  His honesty and integrity is exceptional which makes it easier for us to make the right decision regarding our businesses technology.  Lorenzo always follows through to make sure that his work is 100% excellent.  We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Lorenzo.  Even though he is not an employee of our company, he has become such a vital part of our operations and team.  Thank you Lorenzo for all your help.


Briget Rettagliata

I have been using Lorenzo for my computer needs for approximately the past 10 years.  He is a genius when it comes to computers, he is so knowledgeable and always takes care of my issues at a moment’s notice.  He has been a life saver especially when my kids were in college and their computers would become infected with viruses.  He now lives in a different state and still can fix our computers 2000 miles away not even having the computer in hand.  I highly recommend Lorenzo as he goes above and beyond to service your needs and not to mention one of the most intelligent people I know!


Pricing Options

Thanking in you in advance for your future business.  We at TekkieTeks offer both On-Site support (depending on location) and Remote support (for all locations) services. Our Per Project estimates and Preventative Maintenance Program fees are custom tailor to our customer requirements.  Please calls use to service your IT needs.

Per Project Fee

Every customer project is custom built therefore required a per project evaluation. Our “Per Project” fee is simple. Our customers call us with their requirements and we provide them written estimate laying out the labors and IT equipment (if any) cost. Once the estimated is approved we move forward with the implementation of the project. We want to avoid any surprises or what we call the “Wow” emotions when you receive an invoice from the old fashion hourly rates.

Preventative Maintenance Fees



Semi Annually






Any additional computers






Maintenance Fees include

Unlimited support between 8am to 4pm
PC Optimization
Wireless setup
Troubleshooting any it issues
MAC or Windows OS support
Troubleshoot and repair software errors
Preventative maintenance to prevent any possible future problems
Remote dispatch and support
Overall support on your IT equipment (computers, printers and others)
15% discount on any of our IT products or support.


Paying Invoice

TekkieTeks value our customer’s business and we thank you in advance for selecting TekkieTeks to represent you and/or your company's as your IT solutions provider. Our customers are very important to the success of our business that we strive to make it as convenient and easy as possible to get our invoices paid. Please call us to discuss the various quick paying options or simple click on the link attached to the invoice to pay for your invoice quickly or simple mail us a check or pay by credit card.

15 Day Limited Money Back Guarantee

If you decide you're not 100% satisfied within the first 15 days of any work, purchases or our Preventative Maintenance program, provided by TekkieTeks, simply cancel your service within that time, request a refund under this limited guarantee and you will receive a refund of your purchase price, less any charges for additional services and a processing fee (if applicable), all of which are non-refundable. The 15-day limited money back guarantee is limited to one purchase per customer and per account. You may cancel anytime within the first 15 days of when the initial work, purchase or program was placed by calling TekkieTeks during our business hours. To receive any refund under this guarantee, you must request a refund when you call in to cancel.

A processing fee of $24.99 will be charged for the cancellation of any 3, 6 or 12 month annual Preventative Maintenance program purchased. Refunds will not be applied to programs that are past-due or for programs that are cancelled before the conditions for payment of the refund are met. Refunds will only be made to the name, address, and credit card account on file. No refund will be issued for programs that are terminated by TekkieTeks in accordance with Preventative.

Our 15-Day Limited guarantee does not cover any re-infection of any malicious viruses, spyware, or malware or User modifications of software and/or hardware. All new purchased parts have a one to five year warranty as stated by the manufacturer’s warranty. Any damage not covered by the manufacture or is due to improper handling is not covered under warranty. Used parts have a 15 day warranty.

Terms of Service


PRIVACY COMMITMENT: At TekkieTeks, we value the relationship with our customers and we are committed to being responsible when dealing with your privacy. We take proper care in safeguarding your personal information and in complying with all applicable federal and state privacy laws and our own internal standards and best practices. TekkieTeks follows these privacy principles both on-site and remotely in the collection, use, security and sharing of customer information: a) When we ask for your personal information, we will tell you why we need it & what we will do with it, b) When we contact you for marketing purposes, we will let you know how to remove your name from future marketing efforts, and c) We will use reasonable security measures to protect the personal information we receive from you.

CONFIDENTIALLY:  TekkieTeks and its officers, employees, and technicians agree to absolute Non-Disclosure of any and all information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from customer equipment or media.

USES OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: We use the personal information you provide for purposes including, but not limited to a) Fulfilling requests for new purchases, products, services or information, b) Delivering or installing hardware and software, c) Providing customer services, d) Administering promotions or surveys, e) Offering new products and services, f) Improving the effectiveness of our Web sites, our marketing endeavors and our services and offers, and g) Conducting research and analysis. Collection of Children's Personal Information: We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. We do not knowingly or intentionally collect personal information on-site, online or remotely from children under the age of 18.

AUTHORIZATION TO PERFORM SERVICES: You hereby authorize TekkieTeks to perform diagnostics, repairs and installation services on your computer (the "Work"). As described in your “Service Work Order Agreement per Computer” also known as forms TT-001 you agree to pay for such Work in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

CUSTOMER AUTHORIZATION: The customer authorizes TekkieTeks, its officers, employees and technicians, to receive and transport the media/equipment/data to and from and between their legally registered facilities. This includes shipping or transporting the media/equipment/data to third party service providers if TekkieTeks needs further repair beyond our expertise.

WARRANTY WORK.   If the Work is covered under an existing warranty from the original manufacturer, you hereby authorize TekkieTeks to perform the Work in accordance with the terms and conditions and you hereby agree to pay any charges applicable to such Work pursuant. We will contact the original manufacturer on your behalf to obtain the warranty information and/or required parts to perform the Work, and you agree to pay all applicable fees, taxes and other charges for such parts and services in accordance with TekkieTeks current price list. We will contact your manufacturer before conducting any work that we feel will void your warranty. TekkieTeks does not provide warranty service for any mouse, keyboard, monitor, or printer acquired with your product. Consult the written limited warranty you received when you purchased the computer if you have questions about your rights and obligations, please call us at 925-323-1114 or email us at Lorenzo@tekkieteks.com.

OUT OF WARRANTY WORKS: If the Work is not covered under an existing limited warranty, you hereby authorize TekkieTeks to obtain parts and to perform the Work, and you agree to pay all applicable fees, taxes and other charges for such parts and services in accordance with TekkieTeks’ current price list. Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation prior to your authorization to perform services. Prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling, which will be added to the price if such charges are needed to complete your work. A minimum diagnostic charge will be applied for the initial diagnosis of any repair, not covered by a limited warranty whether or not you subsequently authorize such repair. Please consult with TekkieTeks to obtain the initial diagnostic charges and/or estimate for the amount of any charges before you sign this agreement or authorize any work to the computer. If you subsequently authorize such repair, this minimum diagnostic charge will be applied as a credit against any charges for parts and/or services for such repair. Parts used by TekkieTeks may be new or serviceably used.

REMOTE SERVICES: Customer acknowledges that the remote support configuration involves the installation of a remote program or plug-in that will allow TekkieTeks to troubleshoot the issues might be installed and/or configured. Remote support services may be offered to you over the telephone or via the Internet, you must have a working cable or DSL high-speed Internet connection. This process shall be a non-separate part of the troubleshooting session, and customer agrees and acknowledges those installations. This process allows a TekkieTeks to access your computer remotely and determine the problem and either repair it or provide advice on what options are available to fix the issue. By taking advantage of this service, you are giving permission to TekkieTeks to log into your computer, which may contain personal information. TekkieTeks will stay in contact with you, to keep you fully briefed on every step of the process as your technology problem is resolved. A technician will only search your computer to determine the cause of the problem and will attempt to limit their interaction with your files to a minimum. It is your responsibility to ensure all of your files, especially that containing personal information, are secure to prevent any type of data loss or corruption. You understand that if remote access is used on your computer, there will be no residual software from the remote session; however, there may be a text file placed on your computer that will explain the work that was done on your computer. If such a text file is placed on your computer, you have the option to either save the file for future reference or to delete it from your computer.

LEGAL RIGHTS:  The customer is the legal owner, representative, or otherwise have legitimate rights to the property and all data contained therein sent to TekkieTeks. Any property left with TekkieTeks unclaimed for 60 days will be donated, disposed of or sold at current market value.

AN ADULT PRESENT AND INSTALLATION AUTHORIZATION: An adult (18 years or older) must be present during the entire on-site service installation or repair process for on-site or remote services. If the technician arrives at the scheduled location on time and no adult is present or if the adult leaves prior to the service being completed, the technician will wait for 15 minutes and the technician will leave and deny the service, and you will be subject to the cancellation fee equal to one service hour fee and trip charge fee (if it applies) will be assessed stated under our service charges.

USERNAME AND PASSWORDS: You must type in all passwords for security purposes, or if you feel comfortable giving your password to the technician then please sign a second signature on the Term of Service Form.

ACCESS: TekkieTeks Technicians must receive full access to the computer(s) and peripherals to be serviced, access to the premises, your consent and cooperation to enter your residence or business, & a safe working environment, working space and electrical power. If a TekkieTeks technician arrives at the scheduled service time and determines that he/she does not reasonably have the access, cooperation, or safe working area described in the previous sentence, services may be denied, and a cancellation fee equal to one service hour fee and trip charge fee (if it applies) will be assessed stated under our service charges.

PAYMENT:  Payment is due in full upon completion of documented recovery or repair, prior to release of data (whether shipped, picked up or downloaded), unless by special previous arrangement. We accept personal, business, cashier’s check or cash, Master, Visa, and American Express credit cards. In some cases, TekkieTeks may agree to accept payment later than the service/sale date, and in this case, payment is due no later than 15 days from invoice date. This agreement must be in writing. Any payments received later than 15 days may be subject to an 18% late fee and will be reassessed this late fee on a per 15 day basis until payment is received. Late fee will be assessed for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks, as well. Businesses may apply for a Net 30 term, please contact TekkieTeks for details. All hardware parts sold by TekkieTeks are the sole property of TekkieTeks until the payment, and all bills are paid in full to TekkieTeks.

REFUND POLICY: For all retail hardware parts that are especially ordered for you and customized to your needs, and may not be canceled or returned for a refund especially custom built Dell computer systems (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse and any cable associated with the order). There is absolutely NO refund on software/programs. Replacement for damaged software and/or hardware will be available in most cases, mostly according to wholesaler’s or manufacture’s policies, and directly by contacting and communicating with the manufacturer or manufacturers.

NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS (NSF): Writing a fraudulent check is against the law. TekkieTeks will prosecute and fraudulent check provider. NSF checks or voided checks will result in $50 fee, and the customer understands that by signing this agreement, the customer agrees to send payment immediately in case of NSF payment; or legal actions will be taken against the customer.

CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS: To change your order, cancel your appointment or not satisfied with your service, you must contact TekkieTeks at 925-322-1114 to cancel the appointment at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled service appointment. We stand behind our Support services for 30 days. If there is a problem with the service we provided and you notify us within the allotted time period, we will work to remedy the problem quickly and at no additional cost.


NEW MERCHANDISE:  New merchandise purchased or used to fix or repair equipment may be exchanged as DOA (for the same product) or returned for a refund with your original invoice receipt within the allowable store return policy usually 30 days from the time of purchase. TekkieTeks reserves the right to decline any return or exchange where the product is not in “like-new” condition. Like-new means the complete product in the original carton with all equipment, packaging, warranties, manuals and accessories. Returns and exchange require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, which is valid for 7 days. To obtain an RMA Number, call Customer Service at 925-257-2707. Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays. Sunday is not considered a work day. Shipping charges incurred in connection with the exchange or return of new merchandise is non-refundable.

USED COMPUTERS PURCHASED:  All used computers are sold as “AS-IS” and are non-refundable or allowable for any type of exchange after seven (7) days.

DELIVERY/SHIPPING: Delivery deadlines of goods and services are estimated only and cannot be guaranteed.

BACKUP. Backup your software, settings, configurations and data: It is the customer’s responsibility to keep a backup, or to perform a backup of all software, settings, configurations and data that are stored on the customer’s computer hard disk drive(s) and/or on any other storage devices/ media customer may have, prior to the arrival of the technician to your home or business, or prior to the remote support session. TekkieTeks and/or its third party service provider shall not be responsible at any time for any loss, alteration or corruption of any software, data or files. Customer agrees to waive responsibility from TekkieTeks of any loss of software and data. If a customer chooses to have TekkieTeks’ technician backup customer’s data/ information, customer is aware and agrees that all data being backed up should be monitored by and agreed by the customer. TekkieTeks is not responsible for any data loss.

LOST OR ALTERED COMPUTER FILES: You are responsible for backing up all proprietary and confidential information on the computer and for maintaining a procedure external to the hardware products for the reconstruction of lost or altered data files or programs. TekkieTeks shall not be liable for lost or altered files, data or programs, even if caused by the negligence of TekkieTeks or its technicians or employees. Diagnostic and repair services are provided without any obligation of confidentiality or non-disclosure on the part of TekkieTeks, its officers, employees or technicians. Delete from the product any file or private data, confidential or proprietary. You can either A) I provide permission for TekkieTeks to format my drive if necessary and understand that doing so may suit in a loss or corruption of data, and I release TekkieTeks and its officers, technicians and employees from liability for such loss or corruption, even if caused by the negligence of TekkieTeks officers, technicians or employees or B) I would like to purchase the data backup service for $95 of data subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement under the assumption the hard disk is under working condition. If the hard disk is not under working condition, further backup fees will apply. Call TekkieTeks for all the details.

LIMITED-WARRANTY; DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: TekkieTeks warrants the Work to be performed under a professional and workmanlike manner. For non-warranty repairs, TekkieTeks warrants that any branded parts installed by TekkieTeks during such non-warranty repairs shall be free from defects in material and/or workmanship, and all parts will be purchased within one week or less before repairs are conducted. All products purchased have at least one-year warranty from the original manufacturer of that product. TekkieTeks will describe the warranty limits associated with each part and its warranty period. For one year from the date, the parts are installed, failing which TekkieTeks will either, at its option: (1) correct any defect in material or workmanship, or failure of the part to conform to the manufacturer's published specifications at no charge to you for in-house labor or materials. Any replacement parts may be new or serviceably used. TekkieTeks does not warrant software or a part previously installed by other computer companies. If you choose to contact TekkieTeks in writing, send your request for warranty service to TekkieTeks, Inc., PO BOX 855, Fishers, IN 94513. For information further information, feel free to call TekkieTeks at 925-323-1114. The limited warranties made hereunder are not transferable failure to follow the procedures set out in this section may result in delays in the replacement of parts, repair, or replacement of your product or may result in additional charges to your account. TekkieTeks reserves the right to refuse to accept products where these procedures are not followed. No information or advice (written or oral) provided to you by TekkieTeks, officers, employees or technicians, will create a warranty by TekkieTeks, or increase the scope of this agreement. This agreement gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Some states do not allow limitations on how long implied warranties last, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Except where such exclusion is contrary to public policy, in no event shall TekkieTeks, its officers, employees, technicians, be liable under this agreement for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, consequential, or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits or revenue, economic loss, loss of data, loss of use of the product or any associated equipment, cost of capital, cost of substitute or replacement equipment, facilities or services, downtime, your time, the claims of third parties, and injury to property, regardless of the nature of the claim, including but not limited to, breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort (including negligence) or strict liability, and even if TekkieTeks has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. If any portion of this section is held invalid or unenforceable, any liability of TekkieTeks and its suppliers and third-party service providers under this agreement is expressly limited to the fees you have paid for the service giving rise to the claim. Your sole remedy against TekkieTeks and its suppliers and third-party service providers in any dispute under this agreement shall be to seek recovery of the amounts you have paid, upon the payment of which TekkieTeks and its suppliers and third-party service providers shall be released from and discharged of all further obligations & liability to you.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes all previous oral and written agreements with regard to the subject hereof. No term or condition of any purchase order issued by the Customer inconsistent with this Agreement will be binding upon TekkieTeks.

ASSIGNABILITY AND BINDING EFFECT: As expressly set forth within this Agreement, neither TekkieTeks or any one person representing TekkieTeks may transfer or assign, directly or indirectly, this Agreement or its rights and obligations hereunder without the express written permission of Lorenzo Zesati, not to be unreasonably withheld; provided, however, that both parties shall have the right to assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement to any parent, subsidiary, affiliated entity or pursuant to any merger, consolidation or reorganization, provided that all such assignees and transferees agree in writing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement prior to such assignment or transfer. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their successors and assigns.

FORCE MAJEURE: In the event that either party is unable to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement or to enjoy any of its benefits because of any Act of God, strike, fire, flood, governmental acts, orders or restrictions, Internet system unavailability, system malfunctions or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control and not caused by the negligence of the non-performing party (a “Force Majeure Event”), the party who has been so affected shall give notice immediately to the other party and shall use its reasonable best efforts to resume performance. Failure to meet due dates resulting from a Force Majeure Event shall extend such due dates for a reasonable period. However, if the period of nonperformance exceeds sixty (60) days from the receipt of notice of the Force Majeure Event, the party whose ability to perform has not been affected may, by giving written notice, terminate this Agreement effective immediately upon such notice or at such later date as is therein specified.

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to conflicts of law rules.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: You agree that any Dispute between You and TekkieTeks will be resolved exclusively and finally by arbitration administered by the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and conducted under its rules, except as otherwise provided. The arbitration will be conducted before a single arbitrator and will be limited solely to the Dispute between You and TekkieTeks. The arbitration shall be held at any reasonable location near your residence by submission of documents, by telephone, online or in person. Any decision rendered in such arbitration proceedings will be final and binding on each of the parties, and judgment may be entered thereon in any court of competent jurisdiction. Should either party bring a Dispute in a forum other than NAF, the arbitrator may award the other party its reasonable costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, incurred in staying or dismissing such other proceedings or in otherwise enforcing compliance with this dispute resolution provision? You understand that you would have had a right to litigate disputes through a court and that you have expressly and knowingly waived that right and agreed to resolve any Disputes through binding arbitration. This arbitration agreement is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce and shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. Section 1, et seq. For the purposes of this section, the term "Dispute" means any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or relating to (i) this Agreement, its interpretation, or the breach, termination, applicability or validity thereof, or (ii) the purchase or use of any product, accessory, service or otherwise from TekkieTeks and it third party service providers, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, beneficiaries, agents or assigns; the term "You" means you the original purchaser, your agents or heirs. Information may be obtained from the NAF on line at www.arb-forum.com, by calling 800-474-2371.

SEVERABILITY: If any provision contained in this Agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions and portions of this Agreement.

SERVICE WARRANTY: If you are not satisfied with remote or general services received from TekkieTeks, please call 925-323-1114 for resolution. We warrant our remote or general services for 30 days following the date you received remote or general service; however, for repairs necessitated by a virus or spyware, the service warranty is valid only if the anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for your product is installed or updated during the repair or promptly thereafter (i.e., before you connect again to the Internet). If there is a problem with the service provided by TekkieTeks and if you notify us within the warranty period, we will work to remedy your problem quickly and at no additional cost.


HOURS OF OPERATION: TekkieTeks staff work schedule will depend on the business operating hours as follow: Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm for normal business hours, from 5:00 pm to 9:00pm for after hours and 9:00pm to 11:00am for Emergencies Hours (fee apply). Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for normal business hours, from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm for after hours and 6:00pm to 7:00am for Emergencies Hours (fee apply).by Appointment Only and Sunday for emergencies only and fee apply. Standard service hours are listed above. Please note that Sundays and National holidays and services performed before and/or after business hours will be charged at “OVERTIME FEE”. Business hours are subject to change. Please refer to our website for most current business hours.

EXPEDITED ONE-DAY CALLS: An expedited One-Day Call fee will be charged for un-scheduled appointments or an emergency service call required within the same day. Our updated fee rate is posted on our website.

TRIP CHARGE: TekkieTeks sets the Service Jurisdiction for each city and store. If a location lies beyond standard Service Jurisdiction, additional travel charges may apply. To determine if your location is within a standard Service Jurisdiction, inquire by calling 925-323-1114 for information and applicable travel charges. Travel charge is calculated at $1 per mile of travel from TekkieTeks' main address to the customer’s service call location.

SOFTWARE PURCHASE: Software purchase may be offered to you by TekkieTeks. If you elect to receive software, you are electing to purchase software downloads. In such event, we will transfer you to a third party (if necessary) who will provide you with information about the software and who will collect your payment information. TekkieTeks transfers you, at your request, to the third party for your convenience or you give authorization for TekkieTeks to purchase and install the software for you. However, TekkieTeks does not warrant or make any representation about the software provided by the third party. Ask about the third party’s privacy policy as it is different from the privacy policy that applies to TekkieTeks’ collection and use of your personal information. Also ask about the service and software warranty applicable to the software download you receive from the third party as that warranty differs from TekkieTeks’ service warranty.


You may not assign this agreement or any of your rights without the express written consent of TekkieTeks. Services provided by TekkieTeks under this Agreement may be provided, at TekkieTeks' option, by an independent third-party service provider. Subject to the limitations of applicable law. In addition, to such other remedies, that may be available to TekkieTeks under applicable law, and again, you hereby authorize TekkieTeks to retain possession of the product until all sums owed by you under this agreement have been paid in full. If you fail to pick up your product within 60 days after notice from TekkieTeks, you shall be deemed to have abandoned the product, and you hereby authorize TekkieTeks to dispose of the product in accordance with applicable law, including, but not limited to, and at TekkieTeks sole option, selling the product by public or private-sale, all without liability or accounting to you.

In the event TekkieTeks hires an attorney to collect any sums owed by you under this agreement or to enforce its rights hereunder, you agree to pay the reasonable fees of such attorney and any other reasonable costs and expenses incurred by TekkieTeks in enforcing its rights under this agreement.

In the event TekkieTeks hires an attorney to collect any sums owed by you under this agreement or to enforce its rights hereunder, you agree to pay the reasonable fees of such attorney and any other reasonable costs and expenses incurred by TekkieTeks in enforcing its rights under this agreement.

Any sum not paid by you when it is due and owing is subject to interest at a rate equal to the lesser of 15% per every 15 days or the maximum rate allowed by law. The credit bureaus will be notified when your payment is more than 30-days late. An entry is added to your credit report and will stay for seven years.

EXPIRATION: This agreement, and all terms in this agreement, in whole or in part shall be valid and agreed upon by both parties and will be canceled ONLY after a written agreement signed by both parties. No other agreements or terms, whether in conflict or not, will cancel or change the terms on this agreement. The terms on this agreement are the most updated terms of service agreement terms of TekkieTeks. Previous Terms of Service agreements signed by you with TekkieTeks are void, and the terms of this contract will take effect after signing it below.

VALIDITY: This form is to replace any verbal or previous written agreement between both parties and is effective from the day of signature.

FOR REPAIR SERVICES PROVIDED IN CALIFORNIA: An estimate as required (Section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code) for repairs shall be given to the customer by TekkieTeks in writing, and TekkieTeks may not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing, TekkieTeks may charge a reasonable fee for services provided to determine the nature of the malfunction when preparing a written estimate for repair.  For information contact the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 95814.

I or we have carefully reviewed this contract and agree to and accept all of its terms and conditions. We are executing this Agreement as of the Effective Date.